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More PGR3

Old news but what the hell.

" You may well be wondering why exactly we have chosen to display the image to your right; well believe it or not this image is a showcase of what next-generation systems will be able to produce.
The image is a real screenshot, taken on real 360 hardware of PGR 3 track surface. The image is actually a combination of four different layers. That means that every single inch of track in PGR3 has to be drawn four times to get the required level of detail.

Bizarre Creations promise us that they have used diffuse textures, specular maps, bump maps, and more textures (at different scaling) to ensure that you never see a repeated bit of tarmac. Every inch of every track will look unique, which is no small feat considering they are building huge areas of cities. The skid marks themselves are actually made by the game in real-time, so that when the wheels lock or experience enough friction you'll see rubber blended onto the tarmac."

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